WMDC Shipping Guarantee

WMDC Shipping Guarantee

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Purchase the WMDC Shipping Guarantee to get a quick and painless refund or replacement if your order is lost or damaged in transit.

Despite their best efforts, transportation carriers sometimes lose or damage products while in transit. Because we have no control over the carriers, or ability to prevent such loss or damage while our product is in their custody, the standard rates we charge assume no liability for products that are lost or damaged in transit. 

However, as a value-added convenience to our customers, for an additional $3 USD, we will accept full liability for any loss or damage that may occur to your product while in transit. For customers who choose to pay this small price increase, we will send you a refund or replacement product at no charge after receiving your claim. We will also take responsibility for filing a claim with the responsible carrier, without you having to be directly involved.

If you have experienced an issue with your order, and have paid this additional charge, please file a claim with our team by reaching out to info@wildmandrinking.com.

If you have not paid this additional charge, please contact the carrier for instructions on how to file a claim for the loss or damage. 


The Krak'in should not be used by individuals under the legal drinking age (minors) to consume alcoholic beverages. Minors should only use the Krak'in with non-alcoholic canned beverages. Wild Man Drinking Company is not to be held responsible for use of the Krak'in to consume alcoholic beverages by minors. 

Use the Krak’in at your own risk. Wild Man Drinking Company is not responsible for any injury, bodily harm, or loss of life sustained before, during, or after use of the Krak’in.

How the krak'in works




How to use the Krak'in

Simply Hook, "Krak'in" (crack in), and CHUG. The Krak'in is effortless and easy to use so that whether you're a first time shotgunner or a full on party animal, we've got you covered.


The Krak'in is most fun when used with friends. Get one for the whole squad and take your parties to the next level!

Faster and smoother than anything else

The Krak'in is very satisfying to use, and it makes shotgunning much smoother.

Easy and safe to use

The Krak'in was made to be safer than traditional shotgunning, cleaner than sharing a beer bong, and dishwasher safe.

customize your krak'in

Take your Krak'in to the next level with customizable flaps. These come in various colors to make your drinking experience that much better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Krak’in is the most portable beer bong ever created. If you like to shotgun with your friends, the Krak’in is definitely for you! You’ll be quicker, cleaner, and the life of the party once you show your friends!

The Krak’in body is made of Nylon (strong f****ng plastic), the rubber flap is made of silicone, and the keychain is made of stainless steel.

Yes, the Krak’in is dishwasher safe. We recommend washing on the top rack.

The first thing you should do when you receive your Krak’in is clean it. After that, you should clean it again after each use. We recommend rinsing and scrubbing with soap and warm water or washing in the dishwasher on the top rack.

We plan to release many different colors over time. You can start by customizing your Krak'in with different colored flaps. If you have any color suggestions or requests please contact us and let us know.

We strive to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your order. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will make it right.

The Krak'in's rubber flap is designed to flex and create a seal around all size cans. While we haven't tested it on every possible can out there, we are yet to find one that it doesn't work with.

Using the Krak'in isn't like normal shotgunning. It gives you a smooth, fast flow that many people say is more similar to using a funnel. Even people who hate shotgunning usually love the Krak'in.

Listen Brad, obviously you could "be a man" and shotgun with your thumb or a key or a knife instead, but that's not nearly as fun. Just because the Krak'in makes shotgunning easier, safer, cleaner, smoother, faster, and more fun doesn't mean that it's cheating!

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